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Fearless Chicken

Born in New York where he enjoyed sailing & sports. He went to the University of Connecticut where he played on the basketball team. After school he did photography for National Geographic in Mexico, was a scuba diver in Cancun, hung out in Fort Lauderdale, Jamaica, Tuscaloosa and Waikiki before settling in Tahoe. In Tahoe he ran a natural foods store and wrote poetry, over time he switched to selling real estate and singing songs. A former member of the 'fearless youth band' he was influenced musically by the Beatles, the Stones, Bob Dylan and Neil Young. George lives part time in Maui.

Fearless Chicken

Born in Texas, grew up in Los Angeles, went to school at USC, surfed and won awards for painted artwork. Sam started playing guitar at the age of 14 and was influenced musically by Chuck Berry, the Beatles and the Doors. He moved to Tahoe in the 70s, started a family and formed the 80s garage band 'Fearless Youth'. Presently he works as a roofer and is a fan of the 49ers and baseball Giants.

The Players

Vocals: George Parsons

Rhythm Guitar/Backup Vocals: Sam Cockins

Bass: Rawger

Rawger is a music prodigy and was playing Bass in concerts at age four. He wound up in a youth prison at age twelve for trafficking nude animal photos to third world farmers. While in prison he began a rock band called Kidz Breaking Out which was soon dissolved by the warden. Some band members went on to be well known such as Ben Dover, Seymour Buttz, and I. P. Freally. Rawger toured the U.S. with Stink Floyd just before entering rehab and eventually ended up in North Lake Tahoe where he was coaxed into joining Fearless Chicken after a three day Cazadores bender. He currently resides in the basement of his Aunt Flo's cabin just north of Louie's Cafe 2 off I-80 at Donner Lake. He supports World Peace.



Drums: Craig, Sonny

Craig at the GridCraig at the Grid

Guitar: Derek

Derek at the GridDerek at the Grid
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Fearless Chicken

Sam Cockins (805) 909-1224              George Parsons (808) 281-5100


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